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This website brings together two of my hobbies – world-traveling and photography. Throughout the years I’ve lived, backpacked and traveled across some Asian countries. In my photos I tried to capture typical episodes, local life and native features of the places I loved.

So far I’ve uploaded mainly asian pictures, travel photos and Nepal trekking travelogues, but the website is planned to grow to provide tips and relevant knowledge about recommended travel destinations. I hope it will become a fun starting point to finding information, sharing travel experiences, and enjoying images of far away worlds.

Some of the countries I traveled in are developing countries which strive for aid – education, food, technology, funding. If you wish to volunteer, donate or get involved in other ways, just follow the “Get Involved” links at sidebar, which offer ample opportunities to help (courtesy of OneWorld.net South Asia).

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14 Responses to “Home – Travel Photos”

  1. Chen Says:

    brilliant eyes which captures amazing world – it’s a great privilage for me to share it.

  2. Yair Says:

    A smart man once said:
    “Beauty can be seen only through the eyes of those who know to appreciate it”. By looking at the photos that you took, you definitely deserved to see the beauty of these places.

    Great photos and a lovely web site.


  3. avner Says:

    well done! great web site, great photos and lots of fun travelling through your photos. Thanks for sharing it with me. Avner.

  4. shira8200 Says:

    I entered the site first thing on Sunday, and what a great way to start the week…
    Thanks a lot for Mr. Reichman for making this all happen:)

  5. Michal Says:

    Cool idea and a great execution. Travelling and photography are two things I love as well, so it’s a joy to browse through your site.
    It’s clean and not overloaded and of course – contains many great shots!
    Good luck 😉

  6. gideon & dina Says:

    with every batch of photoes you have sent us during the years of your travel, we didn’t stop to admire your sharp & artistic way of converting episodes, people and landscpe into beautiful & sensitive pictures.
    this website is a wonderful way of giving the world your way of observation.
    we love it.

  7. Yuval Says:

    Really cool site.. Very well put together and of course the photos are marvelous as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. naftali Says:

    great site!!! easy to get around and amazing photos. hoping to read more stories about the many places your been.
    just a minor comment, why is there no page about who you are? it looks like you are an intresting guy. hope to see more photo’s soon

  9. sabo Says:

    cool. but you said “world traveling” and you only travel in one specific part of the world – you can change it to APAC traveling… 🙂

  10. Dror Says:

    Dear Amiti!
    Was there a reason that when god created talent you stood first in line?
    Shame on you.

  11. Yonatan & Jessica Says:

    We can only emagine the joy you both probably had creating this amazing project of yours. And even more the joy to look at it each and every time.

    Love you both,

    Yoni and Jess

  12. Boaz Kantor Says:

    In times when technology allows everyone to be an amateur photographer, and every second person claims to be a professional one, I’m happy to find A REAL PRO, with a great eye-finger coupling, catching the beauty of our world as a true artist.
    Thank you for sharing with us those places and moments.


  13. Garfield Throndson Says:

    Awesome site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  14. Ronald Schaberg Says:

    Love the photos! Thanks for sharing

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